Sleepy’s Novel

Mu..... this blog is used to post my self-made novel. First is like I said, I made it, Second I'm not a professional writer as i will screw up in the future in who knows when, Last is that i write these actually because of my spare time and that time there is no update … Continue reading Sleepy’s Novel


Ch 8

"Here it is, Sirloin Steak with our special sauce, Carri and Potage Stew and some Puli Fruit juices. enjoy!"(Celia) "Wow it looks soo good"(Rex) "Rex, you're drooling! That is rude!"(Yuria) "Woof"(Lune) "Thank you Celia"(Aidit) "No, i must thank you for helping them. you heal and gave them a food and a place to stay." (Celia) … Continue reading Ch 8

Ch 5

I have arrived at Evergreen Forest, just to confirm it, can I scan the forest? “See through my target, and predict the future! [Analyze]” | {Evergreen Tree} |Tree that grow on Evergreen Forest, it’s wood usually used for low grade bow and arrow ingredient   It Analyze the tree in front of me instead, is … Continue reading Ch 5